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Bayabas: Things to Do, What To Eat & Tips

Bayabas Surigao del Sur A Travel Guide for Restaurants, Accommodations, Resorts, Beaches, and Tourist Spots.

Bayabas Surigao del Sur A Travel Guide

About Bayabas, Surigao del Sur

Bayabas, officially known as the Municipality of Bayabas, is a 5th-class municipality within the province of Surigao del Sur in the Philippines. Situated between Tago and Cagwait, the Tago River gracefully divides Bayabas from its neighboring municipalities. Comprising seven vibrant barangays, including Amag, Balete (Poblacion), Cabugo, Cagbaoto, La Paz, Magobawok (Poblacion), and Panaosawon, this charming locale primarily graces the coastline.

While Bayabas may be considered small in size, it boasts an abundance of natural resources, particularly an array of delectable seafood offerings.

Festivals and Fiestas

The Gakit Festival, a vibrant local celebration, prominently features the use of “gakit,” which translates to “raft.” This festival traditionally occurs during the third week of November, typically on the 19th and 20th. The festivities unfold along the picturesque seaside, drawing both locals and tourists together.

Additionally, the Gakit Festival serves as a commemoration of the Araw ng Bayabas. During this occasion, each barangay proudly exhibits its bountiful harvests and locally crafted products, adding an enriching dimension to the festivities.

Tourist Spots in Bayabas, Surigao del Sur


Busay Cabugo Falls in Bayabas Surigao del Sur

Busay (Cabugo Falls)

A serene waterfall nestled in Brgy Cabugo offers a peaceful escape into nature's beauty.

Tugunan Falls

Tugunan Falls

A captivating waterfall in the heart of Brgy La Paz invites you to experience its refreshing waters.


  1. Manliguez Coco Resort in Brgy Balete

    • A tranquil beachfront resort in Brgy Balete, perfect for relaxation and seaside enjoyment.
  2. Bay-Bay (located along La-Paz Diversion Road)

    • A scenic Bayabas beach stretch along La Paz Bayabas Surigao del Sur Diversion Road offers picturesque ocean views.
  3. Punta Lambay Beach in Brgy Balete

    • A picturesque Bayabas beach in Brgy Balete invites visitors to unwind by the sea.
  4. Sabbia Beach Resort in Bgry Babugo

    • A beachfront resort in Bgry Babugo provides a serene coastal experience.
  5. Alibakbak in Bgry La Paz

    • An intriguing beach where trees partially submerged during high tides, making it a unique natural wonder.
  6. Isla Punta

    • A captivating beach destination offering the beauty of pristine shores and clear waters.
  7. Cagbuaya Libtong Beach

    • A beach known for its tranquil ambiance and coastal charm.

Rock Formations

  1. Kampuwas in Brgy Balete

    • A striking rock formation in Brgy Balete showcases nature’s geological wonders.
  2. Tamurayag Beach in Bgry Babugo

    • A beach with captivating rock formations in Bgry Babugo offers a unique coastal experience.
  3. Solomon Bermuda Park in Brgy Balete

    • A park featuring intriguing Bermuda rock formations in Brgy Balete, perfect for exploration.

Marine Life

  1. Bayabas Fish Sanctuary and Boardwalk

    • A sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of marine life, featuring a boardwalk for scenic ocean views.
  2. Bayabas Bay Park

    • Home to Lust Mangroves, where you find a “Mangrove Sangtwaryo Observatory”, providing an educational and ecological experience.

Famous Road

The La Paz-Tago Diversion Road

A renowned road lined with coconut trees and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, making it a must-visit destination.

Food Hubs in Bayabas, Surigao del Sur

  1. Pavilion Susana – A restaurant in Brgy Amag, offering home feels vibes and delicious meals.
  2. Kuys Takoyaki – A hamburger restaurant known for its tasty offerings.
  3. Beau Teas – A fast-food restaurant serving a variety of delectable dishes.
  4. K & M Food Snacks – Another fast-food option for a quick and satisfying meal.

Must-Try Food in Bayabas

Bayabas, renowned for its fishing industry, where lots of farms in fattening Crabs and shrimps, offers delectable seafood, including crabs and shrimps, known for their freshness and flavor.

Resorts and Accommodations in Bayabas, Surigao del Sur

  1. Gui-Luc’s Beach Resort in Brgy Balete – A beachfront resort in Brgy Balete, offers a comfortable stay by the sea.
  2. Catappa Beach Resort in Brgy La Paz – A resort in Brgy La Paz, provides a peaceful coastal retreat.
  3. El Revocato Beach Resort in Bgry La Paz – A beach resort in Bgry La Paz, perfect for relaxation.
  4. Zapanta Beach Resort in Brgy Balete – A resort in Brgy Balete, known for its beachfront charm.
  5. Lapinigan Beach Resort in Brgy Magobawok – A resort in Brgy Magobawok, offers a serene beachfront experience.
  6. Coco Bay Resort – A resort known for its coastal ambiance and accommodations.

Travel Guide: How to Reach Bayabas, Surigao del Sur

By Air

If you’re traveling to Bayabas from Manila, you have three flight options. You can choose to fly into Butuan, Surigao, or Davao.

By Land

For backpackers or those who prefer a land journey, consider taking a bus from major cities like Davao, Butuan, and Surigao. Be sure to check the bus schedules. If you’re using a motorcycle or a vehicle, finding your way to Bayabas is straightforward. It’s located along the national highway between Cagwait and Tago, making it easy to identify.

Essential travel routes and schedules

Davao to Tandag:

  • First Trip: 6 am
  • Second Trip: 8 am
  • Third Trip: 12 nn
  • Last Trip: 5 pm

Butuan to Tandag:

  • First Trip: 2:00 am
  • Last Trip: 5:20 pm
  • Trip Intervals: 40 minutes

Surigao City to Tandag:

  • First Trip: 6:00 am
  • Last Trip: 1:00 pm
  • Trip Intervals: 4 hours

Local Transportation in Bayabas

  • Bus Transit from Butuan or Davao to Tandag
  • Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ) from Cagwait to Tandag
  • Habal-habal Motorcycle and E-trike for Hire

Nearest Towns:

  • Cagwait, Surigao del Sur, is 5.81 kilometers (3.61 miles) to the South-Southeast.
  • Tago, Surigao del Sur, is 7.94 kilometers (4.93 miles) to the Northwest.
  • Marihatag, Surigao del Sur, is 18.54 kilometers (11.52 miles) to the South.
  • Cortes, Surigao del Sur, is 35.47 kilometers (22.04 miles) to the North-Northwest.

Nearest Cities:

  • Tandag, Surigao del Sur, is 15.57 kilometers (9.67 miles) to the Northwest.
  • Butuan is 82.93 kilometers (51.53 miles) to the West.
  • Bislig, Surigao del Sur, is 83.55 kilometers (51.92 miles) to the South.
  • Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, is 125.64 kilometers (78.07 miles) to the Northwest

Distance from Manila:

Bayabas is approximately 848.93 kilometers (527.50 miles) to the Northwest (N42°W) of Manila.

Travel Tips: Your Guide to Bayabas

  1. Transportation Planning: If you’re flying into Bayabas, consider booking your flights well in advance to secure the best deals. For land travel, particularly by bus, make sure to confirm schedules and routes to avoid any inconveniences.
  2. Road Awareness: If you’re driving or riding a motorcycle to Bayabas, be aware that the town is conveniently located along the national highway between Cagwait and Tago. Navigation is relatively straightforward.
  3. Resort Reservations: If you plan to stay at one of the resorts in Bayabas, it’s wise to make reservations in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure your accommodations.
  4. Exploration: Take your time exploring the stunning natural attractions in Bayabas, such as the waterfalls, beaches, and rock formations. Don’t forget to pack essentials like swimwear, comfortable footwear, and sun protection.
  5. Nearby Towns and Cities: Bayabas is surrounded by neighboring towns and cities worth exploring. Tandag, Butuan, Bislig, and Surigao City offer additional attractions and experiences. Plan your itinerary to include visits to these nearby destinations.
  6. Respect Local Culture: When visiting any destination, including Bayabas, it’s important to respect local customs and traditions. Learn about the local culture and engage with residents in a courteous and friendly manner.
  7. Emergency Contact Information: Prior to your trip, have important contact numbers readily available, including those of local authorities, your accommodations, and any emergency services.

FAQ: How to Reach Key Destinations in Bayabas, Surigao del Sur

Bayabas can be reached by air through nearby airports in Butuan, Surigao, or Davao. If you prefer land travel, you can take a bus from major cities like Davao, Butuan, and Surigao. Bayabas is conveniently located along the national highway between Cagwait and Tago.

Bayabas boasts a range of attractions, including beautiful waterfalls like Busay (Cabugo Falls) and Tagunan Falls, picturesque beaches such as Manliguez Coco Resort and Punta Lambay Beach, intriguing rock formations like Kampuwas and Tamurayag Beach, and marine sanctuaries like Bayabas Fish Sanctuary and Boardwalk.

Yes, Bayabas offers various accommodations, including Gui-Luc’s Beach Resort, Catappa Beach Resort, El Revocato Beach Resort, Zapanta Beach Resort, and Lapinigan Beach Resort, among others.

Nearby towns include Cagwait, Tago, Marihatag, and Cortes. Nearby cities include Tandag, Butuan, Bislig, and Surigao City, each offering its unique attractions and experiences.

Bayabas offers various local transportation options, including bus transit from Butuan or Davao to Tandag, Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJ) from Cagwait to Tandag, and motorcycle hires (habal-habal).

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