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Burgos | Things To Do, What To Eat & Tips

In this Blog let’s explore the Marvelous Burgos, Surigao del Norte. I will take you from the most visited area to the best spots in town. From Somyot Cave in Poblacion 1 to the gorgeous Sunrise Beach Resort. And if you fancy local delicacies, Burgos has it all. But first, let me introduce Burgos.

Burgos, Surigao del Norte

About Burgos, Surigao del Norte

Burgos once known as the sitio of Sipan and later named Unidad, is a 6th-class municipality in Surigao del Norte, Philippines. Despite its small size, Burgos is sought after by tourists and locals due to its picturesque place. Holding the title of being the smallest in both population and geographical area within the province. Situated on the captivating Siargao Island, Burgos shares the honor of being one of the two northernmost towns, the other being the municipality of Santa Monica. Burgos comprises six barangays namely; Baybay, Bitaug, Matin-ao, Poblacion 1, Poblacion 2, and San Mateo.

Festivals and Fiestas

Burgos come to life during the Lukay-Lukay Festival, celebrated in the month of July in honor of its Patron Saint, Sra. Sta. Ana. Activities in these times will let you immerse in their culture. If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to immerse yourself in the local, well the month of July is best for you.

Tourist Spots in Burgos, Surigao del Norte


  • Sunrise Beach Resort: A serene beachfront getaway where you can enjoy the sunrise and relax in a tranquil environment. Best for family outings.


  • Duhay Puerta Cave: Explore the intriguing Duhay Puerta Cave, known for its mesmerizing rock formations and underground wonders.
  • Somyot Cave: Embark on an adventure through the marvelous Somyot Cave and witness the beauty of nature’s artwork.
  • Patag Cave: Discover the thrill of spelunking in Patag and Sumyot Cave, located in Barangay Poblacion 1.

Surfing Area

  • Cloud 69: Burgos is known for its unique surfing experience, thanks to the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Bayud Surf Breaks: This exciting surf area can be found in Barangay Poblacion 2.


  • Pagkawasan Beach: Enjoy the beauty of Pagkawasan Beach, a serene spot to relax by the sea.
  • The Alegria Beach: Alegria Beach offers a picturesque coastal experience with its pristine shores.
  • Baybay White Sand Beach: Visit Baybay White Sand Beach in Barangay Baybay for a classic beach experience.
  • Pasikon Beach: Relax at Pasikon Beach in Barangay Baybay and take in the scenic surroundings.
  • Beach Volleyball @ Bayud Surf Breaks Area: Play beach volleyball and soak up the sun at Bayud Surf Breaks in Barangay Poblacion 2.

Rock Formations

  • Bitaog Beach Rock Formation: This is shaped like a giant mushroom
  • Kapurpurawan Rock Formation: Explore the unique and striking Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.
  • The Anao-aon Cove Rock Formation: Visit the Anao-aon Cove Rock Formation for breathtaking coastal views.

Marine Life

Burgos has a rich marine life that is worth exploring. The town’s marine sanctuary is home to a variety of fish, corals, and sea turtles. You can go snorkeling or diving to see these amazing creatures up close.

  • Lakyajon Marine Sanctuary: Free Diving & Snorkeling: Dive into the enchanting marine world at Lakyajon Marine Sanctuary.
  • Enchanted Bikdop City & Splash Cove: Explore the underwater beauty at Enchanted Bikdop City & Splash Cove along the coast. Located at the Roadside of Barangay Baybay to Barangay Poblacion 1.

Food Hubs in Burgos, Surigao del Norte

  1. Jungle Cafe: Savor a delightful meal at Jungle Cafe, located on an unnamed road in Burgos.
  2. North Dirty Kitchen: Enjoy local cuisine at North Dirty Kitchen in the heart of Burgos.
  3. Kolekbibo: Taste authentic flavors at Kolekbibo, situated at 8424 Barangay Burgos.
  4. HAMBURGOS: Indulge in mouthwatering burgers and more at HAMBURGOS, located on Siargao Circumferential Rd.
  5. B-Bar ni Amor: Experience local dishes and hospitality at B-Bar ni Amor in Burgos.
  6. Kaloohaatea: Visit Kaloohaatea in Purok 2 Narra for a delightful culinary experience.
  7. North Shore Kitchenette: Find a range of dishes at North Shore Kitchenette, nestled in the heart of Burgos.
  8. LOKAL Siargao: Savor local Siargao delicacies at LOKAL Siargao in Purok Kalachuchi.
  9. Women’s Kitchen: Enjoy a variety of dishes at Women’s Kitchen in Burgos.
  10. Kitchennette Food Houz: Satisfy your taste buds at Kitchennette Food Houz, located in Burgos.

Must-Try Food in Burgos: A Guide to Local Delicacies

Burgos is known for its fresh seafood and local delicacies. Here are some of the must-try foods in Burgos:

  • Kinilaw: This local delicacy is made of raw fish marinated in vinegar, calamansi, and spices.
  • Grilled Seafood: Burgos is known for its fresh seafood. You can try grilled fish, squid, and shrimp.

Resorts and Accommodations in Burgos, Surigao del Norte

  1. KAHA Island Stay: Relax at KAHA Island Stay in Santa Monica, Burgos.
  2. 3B Beach Resort Alegria: Stay at 3B Beach Resort Alegria for a comfortable seaside experience.
  3. Trogon’s Perch: Enjoy a serene retreat at Trogon’s Perch in San Isidro.
  4. Sailfish Bay Surf & Big Game Fishing Lodge: Experience fishing and relaxation at Sailfish Bay Surf & Big Game Fishing Lodge.
  5. Izustarri: Find comfort and hospitality at Izustarri in Burgos.
  6. DaRosa Del Mar: Unwind at DaRosa Del Mar, a cozy lodging option in Burgos.
  7. Cris & Mar Homestay: Experience a home-like stay at Cris & Mar Homestay.
  8. Jungle Garden Siargao: Enjoy the beauty of nature at Jungle Garden Siargao.
  9. Precious Homestay: Stay at Precious Homestay for pleasant and affordable accommodation.
  10. BlueWave Surf Stay: For surf enthusiasts, BlueWave Surf Stay offers a perfect stay near the waves.

Travel Guide: Easy Ways to Reach Burgos, Surigao del Norte

Getting to Burgos is a breeze, and you have a couple of options to choose from:

By Air:

The closest airport to Burgos is Surigao Airport. From there, you can hop into a taxi or a van for a comfortable 1.5-hour journey to Burgos.

By Land:

If you’re coming from Manila, taking a bus to Surigao City is a convenient route. Once you arrive in Surigao City, you can then opt for a van or a jeepney to transport you to Burgos, with the trip taking approximately 2-3 hours.

Local Transportation in Burgos:

PUJ (Public Utility Jeepney) from Burgos:

  • Morning Trip: Departs at 3:00 A.M. to connect with the motor vessel traveling to Surigao City.
  • Afternoon Trip: Leaves at 1:00 P.M. from Burgos, returning to Sta. Monica to pick up passengers arriving from Surigao City.

PUJ from Burgos to Dapa:

  • First Trip: Commences at 3:00 a.m.
  • Second Trip: Starts at 6:00 a.m.
  • Third Trip: Departs at 7:00 a.m.
  • Fourth Trip: Sets off at 11:00 a.m.
  • Fifth Trip: Begins at 12:00 p.m.

Habal-habal Motorcycle for Hire:

These motorcycles are available for hire to take you to various destinations across Siargao Island, ensuring flexible and convenient travel.

More About Burgos, Surigao del Norte

Burgos: A Gem of Adventure and History

Burgos beckons travelers with a treasure trove of natural wonders and historical significance. The town boasts pristine beaches, captivating rock formations, and a thriving marine ecosystem. Remarkably, it’s home to the endangered hawksbill sea turtle, nesting in the town’s marine sanctuary. Adding to its historical tapestry, Burgos witnessed the valorous Battle of Surigao Strait during World War II, commemorated with a noble monument. The town’s past comes alive here, inviting history enthusiasts to explore its heritage.

Best Time to Explore Burgos: A Seasonal Guide

For an optimal Burgos experience, aim to visit during the dry season from December to May. This period offers sun-kissed days, ideal for seaside escapades and island exploration. The rainy season, from June to November, might bring showers, yet it awakens lush landscapes, enhancing the beauty of waterfalls and rivers.

Travel Tips: Your Guide to Burgos

Before embarking on your Burgos adventure, consider these practical tips to make your journey smooth and memorable:

  1. Cash is King: In this quaint town, not all establishments accept credit cards, so it’s advisable to carry sufficient cash.
  2. Sunscreen is a Must: Burgos enjoys intense sunshine, necessitating the use of sunscreen to shield your skin from the rays.
  3. Cherish Nature: Given its pristine beaches and marine life, it’s paramount to treat the environment with respect and refrain from littering.

Now, you’re well-equipped to explore the charming and captivating town of Burgos in Surigao del Norte. Enjoy your adventure in this hidden gem!

FAQ: How to Reach Key Destinations in Burgos, Surigao del Norte

To reach this paradise from Surigao City, you have two options:

Option 1: Take a fast ferry to Dapa. From Dapa, hop on a public utility jeepney (PUJ) to Burgos, which takes about 4 hours.
Option 2: Travel from Surigao City by motor vessel to Sta. Monica. Disembark at Sta. Monica and continue to Burgos by PUJ or habal-habal motorcycle, also taking around 4 hours.

Access it by boat during high tide or by foot during low tide. To reach Duhay Puerta Cave from Surigao City:

Option 1: Take a fast craft to Dapa. From Dapa, ride a PUJ to Burgos (4-hour travel time).
Option 2: Journey from Surigao City by motor vessel to Sta. Monica. Alight at Sta. Monica, proceed to Burgos by PUJ or habal-habal motorcycle (similar 4-hour travel time).

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Entrance Fee:
300php for Burgos Local Residents
400php for Local and Foreign Tourists
Environmental Fee: 10php
Inclusions: Cave tour (max 2 hours), Personal Protective Equipment (helmet, headlamp, and gloves), 2 Tour Guides
Dress Code: Aqua shoes/Rubber shoes (preferably with spikes), Short-sleeved rash guard/tight-fitting jersey, Walking shorts/shorts over leggings.

Located just 50 meters from the shoreline and only visible during low tide.
To access this hidden gem from Surigao City, follow these steps:
Take a fast craft to Dapa. From Dapa, board a PUJ bound for Burgos, and disembark at Barangay Baybay (about 3 hours travel time).

This exciting surf area is situated in Barangay Poblacion 2. To reach it from Surigao City:

Option 1: Take a fast craft to Dapa and then a PUJ to Burgos (approximately 4 hours).
Option 2: Travel by motor vessel to Sta. Monica from Surigao City. Upon reaching Sta. Monica, continue your journey to Burgos via PUJ or habal-habal motorcycle (about 4 hours).
These simplified guides should help you navigate and enjoy your adventures in Burgos, Surigao del Norte.

Also Refer to our FAQ Page.

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