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Exploring the Charms of Carmen, Surigao del Sur: A Town of Festivals, Natural Wonders, and Warm Hospitality

Welcome to Carmen, a quaint 5th-class municipality nestled in the heart of Surigao del Sur, Philippines. This picturesque town is rich in culture, blessed with natural wonders, and exudes the warmth of its friendly community. Join me as we embark on a virtual journey through Carmen’s vibrant barangays, festive celebrations, and captivating tourist spots.

Carmen is politically subdivided into 8 barangays, each with its unique charm and character.

  1. Poblacion
  2. Santa Cruz
  3. Puyat Carmen Surigao del Sur
  4. Antao
  5. Carcavan
  6. Esperanza
  7. Hinapuyan
  8. San Vicente 
Carmen Surigao del Sur
Carmen Surigao del Sur Map

Makong Kaumahan Festival: A Celebration of Abundance

Mark your calendars for the 2nd week of November, usually around the 16th to 17th, as Carmen comes alive with the Makong Kaumahan Festival. This celebration is a vibrant showcase of the bountiful harvest of farmers. The streets resonate with the beat of drums, colorful costumes, and the joyous spirit of the community, making it a must-see cultural experience.

Carmen Surigao del Sur tourist spots: Where Nature Meets Adventure

  • Baybay Bunga Resort
  • Hubason Adventure Park

Discovering the Cascading Beauty: Falls of Carmen

Cascading down the landscapes of Carmen are enchanting falls that beckon nature enthusiasts:

  1. Naga Falls:

    • A captivating natural wonder in Carmen lies at the heart of a lush forest in Sitio Tabinas, Barangay Hinapoyan. Accessible through a scenic two-hour drive followed by a 30-minute walk from the mainland, this waterfall stands as a breathtaking spectacle, rewarding adventurers with the beauty of nature tucked away in the serene landscapes of Carmen.
  2. Bikayan Falls:

    • A two-tiered waterfall in Barangay Hinapoyan, Carmen beckons adventure seekers. To reach this enchanting destination, a leisurely 20-30 minute walk from Hinapoyan proper, combined with river treks, unveils the natural beauty. Alternatively, for those starting from Sitio Gacob, the journey involves a ride on a katig/Skylab from Hinapoyan proper, taking approximately 20 minutes, leading to an immersive experience lasting over an hour. Explore the scenic trails and embrace the journey to discover the hidden charm of Bikayan Falls.

A Travel Guide to Naga Falls and Bikayan Falls

Naga Falls: A Journey into Nature’s Embrace

Getting There:

  • Starting Point: Carmen Proper
  • Travel Time: A scenic two-hour drive
  • On Foot: Followed by a 30-minute walk through the dense forest in Sitio Tabinas, Barangay Hinapoyan.


  • Comfortable Attire: Wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing suitable for a forest walk.
  • Hydration: Carry sufficient water to stay hydrated during the journey.
  • Guide Assistance: Consider hiring a local guide for a more immersive experience and to navigate the forest trails effectively.

What to Expect:

  • Serene Surroundings: Naga Falls offers a tranquil escape with its lush greenery and natural beauty.
  • Photography Opportunities: Capture the mesmerizing scenery, especially the captivating view of the falls.

Bikayan Falls: A Trek into Two-Tiered Splendor

Getting There:

  • Starting Point: Hinapoyan Proper
  • Travel Time: A 20-30 minute walk combined with river treks.
  • Alternative Route: The journey from Sitio Gacob involves a katig/Skylab ride from Hinapoyan Proper (20 minutes) and over an hour’s trek.


  • River Trekking Essentials: Wear appropriate footwear for river treks and bring a waterproof bag for your belongings.
  • Transportation: Arrange for a katig/Skylab ride if starting from Sitio Gacob, ensuring a thrilling journey.

What to Expect:

  • Two-Tiered Majesty: Bikayan Falls presents a stunning two-tiered cascade, offering a unique visual experience.
  • Immersive Adventure: The journey involves both walking and river treks, providing an immersive encounter with nature.

General Tips for Carmen’s Exploration:

  • Local Guides: Engage with local guides for insights into the area’s history and hidden spots.
  • Weather Awareness: Check weather conditions before your journey, and be prepared for changes.
  • Respect Nature: Practice responsible tourism by leaving no trace and respecting the natural environment.

Carmen’s Naga Falls and Bikayan Falls promise not just visual delights but also an adventure into the heart of Surigao del Sur’s natural beauty. Embrace the journey, connect with the local culture, and create lasting memories in this enchanting corner of the Philippines.

As we conclude our virtual journey through Carmen, I hope this glimpse sparks your interest in exploring the hidden gems of this charming municipality. Stay tuned for more tales of adventure and discovery!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Makong Kaumahan Festival celebrated in Carmen during the 2nd week of November, stands out for its cultural significance. It’s a vibrant celebration showcasing the bountiful harvest of local farmers. The festival features lively parades, traditional dances, and a joyous atmosphere that brings the community together. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich agricultural heritage of Carmen and witness the town come alive with colors and festivities.

To reach Naga Falls, start your journey from Carmen Proper with a two-hour scenic drive followed by a 30-minute walk through the dense forest in Sitio Tabinas, Barangay Hinapoyan. For Bikayan Falls, begin at Hinapoyan Proper with a 20-30 minute walk combined with river treks. An alternative route involves a katig/Skylab ride from Hinapoyan Proper to Sitio Gacob, followed by an hour-long trek. Engaging local guides is recommended for a smoother and more immersive experience.

  • Attire and Footwear: Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes, especially for walks and treks in natural settings.
  • Hydration: Carry enough water to stay hydrated during your explorations.
  • Local Assistance: Consider hiring local guides to enhance your experience, gain insights into the area, and navigate trails effectively.
  • Weather Check: Be aware of the weather conditions, and prepare for changes, especially when planning outdoor activities.
  • Responsible Tourism: Practice responsible tourism by respecting nature, leaving no trace, and engaging respectfully with local communities.

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