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Exploring Carrascal: A Gem in Surigao del Sur

Carrascal Surigao del Sur is known for its Mining industries. But, this municipality is a perfect canvas for your explorations, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and rich cultural experiences. Let’s delve into the distinctive features, breathtaking tourist destinations, and delectable food hubs that make Carrascal a must-visit destination.

The Landscape:

Carrascal boasts a diverse topography, characterized by the uneven distribution of lowlands and rolling hills. As the boundary town of Surigao del Sur with Surigao del Norte, it holds a special place in the region’s geographical tapestry. The municipality is politically subdivided into 14 barangays, each with its unique charm, from the coastal allure of Adlay to the vibrant community in Baybay (Poblacion). 


  1. Adlay
  2. Babuyan
  3. Bacolod
  4. Baybay (Poblacion)
  5. Bon-ot
  6. Caglayag
  7. Dahican
  8. Doyos (Poblacion)
  9. Embarcadero (Poblacion)
  10. Gamuton
  11. Panikian
  12. Pantukan
  13. Saca (Poblacion)
  14. Tag-Anito
Carrascal Surigao del Sur Map
Carrascal Surigao del Sur Mapo

Festival and Fiesta

In the heart of Carrascal, Surigao del Sur, the vibrant Pahinungod Festival, celebrated annually during the third week of July (usually on the 16th), transforms the charming streets into a Mardi Gras-style extravaganza. This joyous celebration pays homage to the beloved Patroness, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and serves as a dynamic platform to showcase Carrascal’s rich cultural diversity. Through rhythmic traditional music, vibrant parades, and captivating performances, the festival becomes a colorful tapestry, inviting both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the town’s cultural heritage. Beyond a mere event, the Pahinungod Festival is an embodiment of Carrascal’s identity—a celebration radiating joy, unity, and community pride. 

They also celebrate the Bangkarera Festival where local fishermen compete in boat racing competitions. 

Tourist Destinations

Falls and River

  • Hinaguan Falls
  • Marga River


  • Ludguron Island
  • Puyo Island


  • Caglayag White Sand Beach
  • Bluewater Beach Resort
  • Candido White Beach in Caglayag Carrascal
  • Tugas Beach and Tamoyawas Beach

Park and View Deck

  • Paranomic View Noventa and Noventa DPWH View Deck
  • Carrascal Extreme Adventure Park

Food Hubs:

  1. JC2 Seafoods Haus
  2. Oazis Beach Resort Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Service
  3. Kerribels – Snack Hauz | Baywalk
  4. Kr’s Foodbites
  5. La Cucina de Carrascal
  6. Manaseh Grill


  1. Hotel Carrascal in Tiongko St, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur
  2. Oazis Beach Resort Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Service

Travel Tips for Exploring Carrascal:

  1. Local Currency
    • Ensure you have local currency on hand, especially when exploring smaller towns and local markets. Some establishments may not accept credit cards.
  2. Local Etiquette
    • Familiarize yourself with local customs and etiquette. Respect the traditions of the communities you visit to create positive interactions.
  3. Pack Essentials
    • Pack sunscreen, insect repellent, and a reusable water bottle. Staying hydrated and protected from the sun is crucial, especially during outdoor activities.
  4. Language
    • While many locals may understand English, learning a few basic phrases in the local language, such as Cebuano or Surigaonon, can enhance your interactions.


Carrascal is welcoming to solo travelers. Exercise usual safety precautions, and engage with locals to make the most of your experience.


Yes, Carrascal offers various accommodations, including beach resorts and inns near popular tourist spots. Booking in advance is advisable.


Yes, The Pahinungod and Bangkarera Festival. These celebrations offer a glimpse into the vibrant local culture.


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