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Lanuza | Things To Do, What To Eat & Tips

Nestled in the heart of Surigao del Sur, the picturesque municipality of Lanuza unveils a rich tapestry of culture, natural wonders, and a burgeoning surf scene. In this blog, we’ll explore the vibrant facets of Lanuza, from its political subdivisions to its captivating festivals, tourist attractions, delectable food hubs, and comfortable accommodations.

Lanuza is divided into 13 barangays, each with its own unique charm. Namely; 

  1. Agsam
  2. Bocawe
  3. Bunga
  4. Gamuton
  5. Habag
  6. Mampi
  7. Nurcia
  8. Pakwan
  9. Sibahay
  10. Zone I (Poblacion)
  11. Zone II (Poblacion)
  12. Zone III (Poblacion)
  13. Zone IV (Poblacion)
Lanuza Surigao del Sur Map
Lanuza Surigao del Sur Map

Festival and Fiesta:

Marking its spot on the cultural calendar is the Lanuza Surfing Festival, an annual extravaganza that draws surf enthusiasts globally. Held in the second week of November, this event is a mesmerizing showcase of skill, featuring surfers mastering the waves on various boards, from surfboards to skimboards.

Tourist Attractions:

Lanuza beckons adventurers with a plethora of enchanting tourist attractions. The Lanuza Surfing Grounds attract wave riders, while the Century Old Ancestral House offers a glimpse into the municipality’s history. Explore the depths of Campamento Cave Park, revel in the beauty of Magka Was Fall and Paradise, or take a refreshing dip in Silop Cold Spring. Lanuza doesn’t fall short in captivating destinations like Habag Beaches, Baknalon Falls, Ibuan Sooton Canyon Cave, and Dahunog Water Cave.

Food Hubs:

Indulge your taste buds in Lanuza’s delectable offerings at various food hubs. From the tempting Buko Pie at L + K Buko Pie atbp… to the savory delights at BETHELS Lechon Manok Station, Priz Snack House, and Lanuza Sinugba Express, the culinary scene is a delightful blend of local flavors. Savor the coastal ambiance at Barrio Cup or enjoy a beachside meal at Castor’s Point Beach & Bar.


As the day’s adventures come to an end, find comfort in Lanuza’s accommodations. ACM Surfing View Hotel, Mami’s Surf House, Jade’s Surf Shed – these establishments provide a cozy retreat for travelers seeking a restful night after exploring the wonders of Lanuza.


Lanuza, with its diverse barangays, thrilling surf festival, mesmerizing attractions, and delightful culinary scene, stands as a hidden gem in Surigao del Sur. As you explore the Lanuza International Surfing Festival or bask in the beauty of its tourist spots, you’ll discover that Lanuza is not just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to unfold.


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